Early Thursday morning the trucking never ends on the route to NYC with the new for Those in the Know.  But something clouds my inner-vision walking through the parade of New Yorkins, headhunting on how to make a living. A Nail Salon, A Sushi Bar, A Massage Parlor,  closed ….closed…closed. This is a god given love-bound passion to keep trucking in a world where the great destroyer is at the upperhand of creation. It brings me to share a few stories of my own. Live from the pop up : West 4th & 6th Avenue. Laying out a good 150 used records along with the Sessions At The P.M.  New Releases. The ability to bring music to a listener is not an easy task. Face to face, eye to eye,  your all right then and there. God forbid your local nut job does not talk you down as you speak to a passerby and decides to share his long lost stories from Vietnam and tries to punch you in the face at the same time, or a dope fiend decides to stop and get right ohhhhhh shit? All this at the break of the day. Yet the pop-up comes with many surprises.  On a good given record store day the RZA will stop and check out the finds , Saul Williams will stop by on a way to his movie premier, K’Naan  making his way to the east side, or Large Pro walking by with his infamous record case on a way to a session.

“Peace God!”

“You a G?”

“True Indeed”

At any given time this is life at the Pop-Up.  Talking music and life with Oddisee on the train or getting a $20 donation from Homeboy Sandman just for the cause. Woahhhh all of this and we don’t have an Instagram..but we put records in 8 year old hands and show em what record players do.  We share the stage of life with the many of the world , diggers,  lovers of music, artist, musicians of all colors and races, today we thank you all. The beat goes on…the beat goes on the ….beat goes on ….OM! My first 3 LPs that my father gave me till now. If it wasn’t for this gift of sharing music I don’t know where I would be from there to now.  I love myself, Hip Hop I love you. Lyrics I need you.  Without further a do. Sessions At the PM presents : The Last Days Ensemble.  This project was inspired by my first trip to Tropicalia In Furs, shout outs to the brother Joel Stones for always showing us love and respect. Congratulations on your LA pop up with Rappcats.Com  Keep truckin!

Grand Nova explores the wonderful world of Bossa Nova & Brazilian Rhythms that burn under the sun. Followed by the eclectic cuts of the mighty Grand Kemist and the Musical Direction of Henry Quester!

A variety of musicians that got together for the Grand Nova Project featuring:  My Music Mentor on Saxophone Dave Shumacher , The good noble brother Ras King Natural on Bass, The true blue homie West Whitelock and the all gifted Fire Dancer Caridad Rivera on Vocals and Flute. The Brother Henry Quester on Vibes and keyboards.  During the recordings Cuba….. pops up with his trumpet like:

“Whats happening man …let me throw something on there watch!’

………..& Blows his life away  on a track. Then just when you thought the session was over Grand Kemist surprises us and goes back to the recordings and re-cuts everything to create a marvelous collage of texture,  flavor,  and ongoing rhythmic patterns. All praises due to the Grand Kemist:  Grand Nova ! Sessions At The P.M. society thanks Grand Kemist for years of  hard work and service to the cause. The Sessions At The P.M. society also wants to take this time to thank Takt for his continuous support and services.

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Photography by : Ari Marcopoulos


Photo by Jay Wu

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Preview Grand Nova:


Photo by Jay Wu
Peace and blessings to brother Malik Abdul-Rahmaan for blessing us with this insightful release. On any given day the brother Malik pops up out of the blue , whether its at a local music shop playing the life out of an un-tuned piano or talking travels and latest gigs,  it’s always a pleasure to speak with him. He is a very insightful brother and kind hearted. Congratulations on your Paxico Records release.  The Sessions At The P.M. fam extend a hand to promote this beautiful piece of art inspired by a journey to Malaysia ” As-Salaam-Alaikum” See you soon brother. To purchase this release please see F2. on the Menu!

Malik Abdul-Rahmaan – Field Research Malaysia cassettes


 Photo by Jay Wu
The brother Serringe on his latest release:
“This project was created in the privacy of my home using samples that I’ve gathered for a few years, some guitars and a couple of synths. When I made these beats I had no intention of letting most of this stuff be heard, but as I progress and fine-tune my production skills I figured why not? What would be the point in creating music for only my ears to hear? I’ve done that one too many times. That being said… I present Narrative Loops and Chops. A collection of music produced for my listening pleasure. Enjoy.”
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SERRINGE: Narrative Loops & Chops

 Photo by Jay Wu
On another note we going to the Air: The brother Henry Quester & Doc Reevez team up to share their affections of their heart and desire of flying.  With their 4 track in home studio recording: Heart of the Flying Machine:  HOT FM , a 72hr  and 4 day later recording session inspired by the legendary wagon , The Radio Flyer this album is a bit of a tinker with non stop rhymes on side A full of self style futuristic flying metaphors. True Indeed a Radio Flyer pimped out by UFOS. On Side B we are greeted with a bunch of chops, an instrumental journey out the stash. Chill and vibe out to this. Vibe out…Vibe out….. Sessions At The P.M. thanks Henry Quester and Doc Reevez for their continuous and ongoing support to the cause.

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HOT FM by: Henry Quester & Doc Reeves

F1 – Grand Nova LP by: The Grand Kemist
F2 – Field Research Malaysia Cassette by: Malik Abdul-Rahmaan
F3 – Narrative Loops & Chops Cassette by: Serringe
F4 – HOT FM Cassette by: Henry Quester and Doc Reevez
F5 – Valley of Glass Beads 7″ by: Henry Quester and The Grand Kemist
F6 – Wicked Symmetry / Point 2 Planes 7″ by: Physical Graffiti
F7 – AmeriKiiin Gun Cassette by: Ki Bohiti
F8 – Tantas Cosas LP by: Takt and The Grand Kemist
F9 – Grand Nova CD by : Grand Kemist



” I remember writing the song and i really liked the line I wrote about having a black belt for kicking raps well. I had never physically done martial arts but my best friend is a big kung fu fan who put me onto a lot of movies and I have been always fascinated by the philosophy that lays behind all of the  martial arts. People often focus on the physical aspect of fighting but there is a discipline and mental fitness that outweighs any physical skill level. So that is where that line came from. I felt like my discipline and loyalty to my craft was on a black belt level.


Photo by: Maria Elena

Fast forward to a few months later. My travels led me back to the states where I mistakenly received an e-mail from a Taekwondo School that was hiring. They like to hire from inside so the e-mail was intended only for existing school members however I was once entered in as a lead but never actually made my way to that school. Funny how life is.——————something told me it was for a reason. Something about that line….and that song.”   Excerpt 2  from GEOMETRY, An Open Book of Words Shapes Sounds and Colors.


Photo by Maria Elena

Stay tuned to www.wordsshapesandcolors.com for more information on GEOMETRY by: Physical Graffiti